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Curious Nature Local Guide: Ange and her family learn about pottery
April is a rather muddy month, and without a bad pun, we were delighted to go and put our hands in the mud to discover as a family the Terre et Biscuit pottery workshop which opened its doors in our neighborhood during the last year.
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Updated on April 16, 2024
Foody Nature Local Guide - Ange and her family stroll at Parc Pointe-De la Martinière and treat themselves to a spring aperitif
The heady feeling of spring is felt and with the days getting longer, the desire to spend more time outside only increases!
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Written on March 18, 2024
Curious Nature - En vedette Family Outing: Grosse-Île in First Class
Feel like taking to the open seas for a day with our VIP package? We were lucky enough to be among the First Class visitors to enjoy this new way of visiting Grosse-Île, full of little privileges!
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Updated on March 8, 2024
Active Nature Local Guide - A 24-hour winter trip in Beauce for Ange and her family
What a strange winter we're having! Little snow and mild weather, but in the city it's more gray than white. So we were really looking forward to escaping to the countryside for a brief 24-hour getaway in the Beauce region, including a visit to the …
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Updated on March 5, 2024
Foody Nature Angel and her lover discovering the vineyards
Through the cooler nights and the still hot days of August, we can slowly feel the end of summer setting in. At the same time, the fields are at the height of their abundance, filled with flowers and loaded with the fruits of the beautiful season. I…
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Updated on February 9, 2024
Local Guide- Ange and her family spend a January weekend at Islet
L'Islet may be a destination we associate with its riverfront in the summer, but it's also a place to discover year-round! We fell under its spell in the middle of January, when we were lucky enough to stay in the brand-new Poulailler, a pavilion of…
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Updated on January 22, 2024
Active Nature - En vedette Ange and family skating at Golf Beaurivage
J’ai toujours eu un faible pour les entreprises qui n’hésitent pas à se réinventer! Cette saison, le Golf Beaurivage (à 15 minutes des ponts sur la rive-sud) s’est lancé en grand dans une offre d’activités hivernales pour tous les goûts sur son supe…
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Updated on January 19, 2024
Active Nature Ange and his family skate in the Quai Paquet frozen trail
Parmi les traditions hivernales qui nous replongent possiblement dans nos souvenirs d’enfance, il y a d’aller flâner à la patinoire du quartier. Les patinoires sont en hiver un point de rassemblement de choix pour passer un moment actif à l’extérieu…
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Written on December 20, 2023
Foody Nature - Active Nature - En vedette Family Outing: Tree-to-Tree Fun in Southern Bellechasse
Autumn is a season to be seized when it comes! As its beautiful days are, in my opinion, among the most pleasant of the year, we didn't hesitate to immerse ourselves in the warm, vibrant colors of October in the Bellechasse sector.
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Written on October 12, 2023