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Lieu historique national de la Grosse-Île-et-le-Mémorial-des-Irlandais

Saint-Antoine-de-l'Isle-aux-Grues • Montmagny and the islands
Grosse Île - Celtic Cross
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Lieu historique national de la Grosse-Île-et-le-Mémorial-des-Irlandais
Grosse Île
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Lieu historique national de la Grosse-Île-et-le-Mémorial-des-Irlandais

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In a few words

Follow the footsteps of the tens of thousands of immigrants who arrived at the quarantine station between 1832 and 1937 in the hopes of a better future. Once an important entry point into Canada, Grosse Île is an inspiring site located in the heart of the St. Lawrence River.

Dive into the lives of villagers, workers, and immigrants and encounter moving stories and beautiful landscapes. Parks Canada guides are excited to share their passion for this place with you.

The adventure begins in Berthier-sur-Mer (35 minutes from Québec City) where the ferry departs for Grosse Île. Air transportation is also available from Montmagny (45 min. from Québec City).

Visit duration : 6.00 h

For Real!

At the time of the quarantine, it was customary for the children of the village to go and greet the immigrants when they left the island. This tradition still lives on today!

Maripier Boutin, Lieu historique national de la Grosse-Île-et-le-Mémorial-des-Irlandais

Certifications et distinctions

  • The Navigator's Trail
  • Grand Prix Régional - 2004
  • Grand Prix Régional - 2010
  • Grand Prix Régional - 2016

Schedule and prices


Mid-May to Mid-October

For the complete schedule, please visit


Parks Canada admission fees (taxes included)
Adult: $19.75
Senior: $16.75
Youth (age 17 and under): Free

Fees for transportation to the island apply.

Articles (4)


Curious Nature Double quarantine in 2020!

This year, the term quarantine has never been used as often as since the 1830s. I had the chance, this fall, in the midst of a pandemic to learn more about the sanitary measures of the time by visiting the Grosse-île or if you prefer Quarantine Island. A day full of emotions, paying homage to our ancestors ...

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