Discover our selection of best places to visit

4 spas to discover

They are finally back! What could be better than being warm in a spa in an enchanting environment!

La réouverture de quelques musées cet hiver !

Quelques musées sont maintenant de retour pour la saison hivernale. Voici donc 5 musées présentement ouverts ou qui le seront prochainement…

Découvrez nos trésors cachés cet hiver

Combiner agro et plein air le temps d'une sortie familiale, c'est un peu comme combiner plaisir et récompense. On vous invite à découvrir q…

9 chalets encore disponibles pour un séjour en nature cet hiver

Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches a fait ses recherches pour vous dénicher les 9 meilleures adresses où il est encore possible de s'isoler avec…

Today, we go sliding!

There is nothing better than a family outing to enjoy winter by sliding!

Five places for backcountry skiing

Backcountry skiing or off-piste skiing is gaining popularity. Here are five places to practice it in Chaudière-Appalaches.

4 ski stations to have fun!

It's winter time, we plan beautiful outings on the snowy slopes! Discover our snow parks, the perfect off-piste or trails to familiarize yo…

Four indoor amusement parks to loosen up !

Children are no longer able to hold in place. The living room is all upside down. Next time, think about these three places to loosen up !

7 wellness places! Spas and health centres

Some perfect moments to think about yourself, about others and to relax and unwind in the way that suits you best...

13 ideas for "playing outside" with your family this winter!

Ah, the pleasures of winter, the red cheeks, the angels in the snow, the hot chocolate back home, the woolen stockings. Oh, we love winter!…

Winter family outing on the Saint Lawrence River with the ferry Quebec-Lévis!

A perfect family outing on a snowy day! During spring break, it's free for kids on the ferry Québec-Lévis!

8 products from Chaudière-Appalaches to use for cooking!

Autumn and winter Sundays are often perfect for cooking good comfort food. Here are some product ideas to use to taste Chaudière-Appalaches…

3 places for ice fishing

Winter fishing, ice fishing is an extraordinary experience. Here are the places in Chaudière-Appalaches to practice this family activity pa…

3 places to FINALLY try dog sledding!

This is the time that this old dream becomes reality! This winter, try dog ​​sledding and discover winter differently!

5 cozy inns to rest!

A night away is the best way to disconnect! Here are our suggestions for winter cocooning as we like!

3 coffee shops to relax, work, read or chat

There are those days when we simply want to change air. Spending a few hours in a coffee shop to warm up, read the newspaper, savor the bes…

11 unusual accommodation places that invite you to sleep in unique places!

You like the idea of ​​sleeping in nature, but want a minimum of comfort? You are not very equipped, but the idea of ​​camping interests yo…