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Located 35 minutes from Quebec City, Grosse-Île is a national historic site to add to your bucket list. To visit this old quarantine station is to follow the footsteps of thousands of immigrants who landed on the island from 1832 to 1937. In the company of Park Canada’s guides, discover this well-kept secret, Canada’s own Ellis Island.

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The Grosse-Île experience


Relive 100 years of immigration

An unforgettable guided tour with a by Parks Canada guides


Costumed characters

Discover the island by meeting the many costumed characters who will reveal the secrets of this mythical place


The cruise

Take a cruise to access the island and enjoy being guided by the Lachance captains

The 5 different ways to visit Grosse-Île

only 35 minutes from Quebec

Located in the heart of the St. Lawrence River, the island is accessible by boat from Berthier-sur-Mer. Free parking at the marina.

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10 must-sees experiences!

Enjoy your visit to the fullest with these 10 must-sees!

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Grosse Île - Visite guidée - famille

school groups

The educational outings offered by Croisières Lachance and Parks Canada guides will allow you to combine the pleasure of sailing and the discovery of our history. This is an enriching experience that will please both students and teachers!

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Parcs Canada - Grosse-Île
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