10 must-sees on Grosse-Ile

Grosse Île - mémorial - noms ancêtres

1. find the names of your ancestors on the memorial

Take a moment to search for the name of your ancestors on the memorial. Inaugurated in 1998 in the presence of president of Ireland, it commemorates the memory of thousands of immigrants, mainly from Ireland, deceased on the island and the people who sacrificed their life to nurse them.

Grosse-Île - Sentier pédestre - nature

2. take a walk in the nature and identify the "skunk cabbage

Take a nature walk along the Mirador Trail, at the heart of a unique ecosystem between river and mountain : 600 species of vegetation, including the Skunk Cabbage and 600-year-old trees.

3. Meet Parks Canada guides along your route

Through the stories and vestiges still present on the island, relive over a hundred years of immigration with a Parks Canada guide. Follow in the footsteps of the tens of thousands of immigrants transiting the island.

Grosse Île - Croix Celtique

4. Take a photo in front of the celtic cross

Around 15-meter high, the celtic cross has become the emblem of Grosse-Ile. After few minutes of walking in the trail, you will discover this monument as you have seen it earlier on the boat toward the island. It honors the memory of the Irish immigrants victims of Typhus in 1847-1848.

Croisières Lachance - Pont avant - Couple

5. Take a cruise on the St. Lawrence River

Originally from “l'Île au Canot,” the Lachance captains from Croisières Lachance know the archipelago better than anyone else. Considered to be extraordinary storytellers, it is with passion that they will share with their passengers the fabulous story of the islanders. From the Berthier-sur-Mer marina, you will be able to take a tour to the National Historical Site of Canada on Grosse-Île. Do not forget to take a selfie with the Lachance captains!

6. Explore the Lazaretto, the only survivor of the 1847 tragedy

Former hospital, this building is the last of the refuges built on Grosse-Ile still standing today and the last witness of the hospitalization side of the island. The building keeps undamaged some details like the double casement and glass plaid windows and the ventilation grills.

7. Visit the island aboard the tourist trolley

The tourist trolley visits the village of the employees of the quarantine station as well as the hospital sector. During this 75-minute tour, you'll have the opportunity to visit buildings such as the Catholic and Anglican chapels, as well as meeting interpreters in period costume.

8. admire the St. Lawrence River

Admire the St. Lawrence River by taking a break on one of the lookouts. Although there is no trace of it today, the Mirador Trail takes its name from the gatehouse erected during the Second World War.

Built in 1912, the house of the public works officer was part of an intensive construction period at Grosse Ile. Its resident was responsible for maintaining the island’s buildings and related infrastructure and the construction of new facilities. The officer had a great view from its balcony!

Croisières Lachance - Photographie

9. Play the role of ornithologist and identify 65 species of birds

According to the season, you'll observe a large number of migrating birds. Try to spot 65 species of birds that migrate on Grosse-Ile.

10. Visit grosse-ile with your family

Upon arrival, the children become true little adventurers of Grosse-île. They discover a village of yesteryear where they are invited to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors. Becoming real bird watchers, they observe the different species of birds on the island. In search of the smelly cabbage or the bat nest box ... they unearth beautiful curiosities!