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Clos Lambert

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  • Unique gustative experience

    Medieval semi-dry wine, flavoured with spices

  • Unique gustative experience

    Traditional sparkling wine, without pesticides nor sulfites

In a few words

- Medieval-themed vineyard. Medieval-themed tour and wine warehouse.
- Vines are grown without pesticides or herbicides.
- Tasting, selling and meeting room for family gatherings, weddings, happy hours, and business meetings.
- Exhibit gallery for artists.
- Specialties: Sparkling products obtained by fermentation in bottle, without pesticides, preservatives and sugar, and medieval-type wines.

For Real!

Raymond Lambert, Clos Lambert

Schedule and prices


Reservation is required.


Sparkling Clos Lambert: $30. Medieval-type wine (red or white): $20. Regular table wine: 15$.
Room rental: $100 to $250/day or evening.

Arrêts Gourmands

Gourmet stops

Arrêts Gourmands The know-how of our gourmet stops - Clos Lambert: a vineyard of medieval inspiration on the land of Levis

It was in 1984 that Raymond Lambert and his wife Rolande Breton planted their first vines. Twenty years later, because of their children's passion for the Middle Ages, the couple from Lévis decided to develop an unknown niche. "While it was very popular in France, no one in North America made medieval wines, spirits that offer different tastes inspired by another era," says Raymond Lambert.