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The Forgeron d'Or – One of Marie-Laurence’s favourites!

Written on November 28, 2017

Who among us hasn’t asked how jewellery is made? In Sainte-Marie de Beauce, you’ve got the opportunity to discover the know-how of the experienced creators at the Forgeron d'Or.

Founded in 1989, this company prides itself on explaining the history of jewellery. Together with their energetic team, the company’s founders, Richard Grenier and his wife Agnès Goujon, will teach you about the history of the profession of jewellers and watchmakers. As well, a reading area has been set up in the boutique so you can learn even more about this subject. Did you know that the very first commercial gold mining operations in Quebec were in Beauce? It was way back in 1834 that Clothilde Gilbert found the first gold nugget in the Gilbert river.

The Forgeron d'Or is a jeweller and watchmaker. Take the opportunity to learn more by interacting with the artisans of this craft and seeing the artists at work. In the workshop, you’ll be able to observe and admire the artists at work as they create their works of art at their workstations behind an open window. You’ll learn the creative process of creating
jewellery and other gold objects. The Forgeron d'Or offers a variety of top-quality products and services.

The boutique’s owners always welcome us with a smile and enjoy sharing their passion for jewellery creation.

While visiting the Beauce  region, don’t forget to stop off and visit the Forgeron d'Or . Both young and old alike will enjoy discovering the ways that jewellery and gold objects are created, as well as the art in their design.

Marie-Laurence Dumas
Information officer