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Piste cyclable de Thetford Mines

Thetford Mines • Région de Thetford
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Tourisme Région de Thetford

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2600, boulevard Frontenac Ouest
Thetford Mines Québec, G6H 2C6
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418 423-3333
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  • Length : 28 km

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  • Unique landscapes

    Unforgettable thanks to panoramas like nowhere else.

  • Multiple access points

    Accessible in several places along the route.

In a few words

With a total length of 28 km, the cycle path crosses the City of Thetford. Part of the network passes through the city center and is an original way of getting to know the place and its attractions. There are also restaurants and bike repair services.

Very well laid out, with rest areas, benches and picnic tables, the fully paved network will allow you to discover several residential areas with their architecture typical of the region and their landscaping.

You can easily access the network from various locations, including the tourist information office, which also has a large parking lot and picnic tables.

Nearby: restaurants, accommodation, places to visit such as the King Mine Historic Center, the Religious Heritage Interpretation Center, the Thetford Golf and Curling Club, the Arts Station, etc.

For Real!

The cycle path is very pleasant to ride. We come across a variety of woods, residential neighborhoods, commercial streets, not to mention magnificent mining landscapes.

Geneviève Clavet Roy, Piste cyclable de Thetford Mines

Certifications et distinctions

    • Grand Prix Régional - 2004
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2005
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2006
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2008
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2011
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2013
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2019
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2020

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