Montmagny and the islands

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The archipelago of the same name is home to 21 islands and islets, but Île aux Grues is the only one inhabited all year long. It boasts the largest unspoiled wetland in northeastern North America, which links Île aux Grues to Île aux Oies. These mud flats are a perfect place for watching birds or hunting waterfowl (via an outfitter). Île aux Grues is accessible by public ferry (depending on tides), private cruise boats and plane. Once on the island, you can walk, bike or take the tourist trolley and its guided tour. Accommodations include an inn, B&B, tourist guest house and campground. Taste excellent artisan cheeses made at the local farm cooperative, such as “Le Riopelle,” “Le Tomme de Grosse-Île” and “Le Mi-Carême,” which owes it name to Mid-Lent, the famous costumed celebration. Don't miss the exhibit at the Centre de la Volière and “Le Grenier de l'Isle” museum. Lastly, the “Jean-Paul Riopelle natural reserve” is a protected ecological area that boasts 2.5 km of looped trails.

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