Vignoble Le Nordet

Lévis • Lévis
Vignoble Le Nordet, Maison
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Vignoble Le Nordet

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991, road des Îles
Lévis Québec, G6C 1B5
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418 833-7183


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The Vignoble Le Nordet is located in an enchanting setting along the Etchemin River. The grape vines cultivated at the vineyard produce an assortment of white, red and sparkling wines. Visitors will be warmly welcomed by hosts willing to share their passion for winemaking. Take the time to stroll among the rows of vines; learn about grape varieties, tour the facilities, sample the wine and chat with the owners. Guided tours available. You will also be able to visit the cider house.

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Foody Nature Angel and her lover discovering the vineyards

Through the cooler nights and the still hot days of August, we can slowly feel the end of summer setting in. At the same time, the fields are at the height of their abundance, filled with flowers and loaded with the fruits of the beautiful season. It is in this sweet nostalgia that the moment seems ideal to discover the vineyards of the surroundings! A succession of motivated and creative young winegrowers have started in recent years, bringing a breath of fresh air to a booming agritourism sector.