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Lotbinière - River and terroir


Difficulty level : Easy

Parking places 
Centre Chartier de Lotbinière, 7440 route 132, Lotbinière
Aréna de Sainte-Croix*, 6375 rue Garneau, Sainte-Croix Centre communautaire, 945 rue de l'Église, Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly

* Extended parking possible.

In a nutshell

This bike itinerary allows you to admire beautiful ancestral homes perched on the cliff overlooking the Saint-Lawrence river. You will discover the villages of Lotbinière, Sainte-Croix and Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly with magnificient views of the river.  The backcountry section is equally bucolic with the many farms with colorful fields.

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Vélo | Circuit 1 | Lotbinière | Fleuve et terroir

I love Lotbiniere's landscapes, it's totally relaxing !

- Richard from Québec