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Marche polaire - hiver - Fleuve Saint-Laurent
Curious Nature Snowshoeing on the St. Laurence River shore
Have you ever dreamt of exploring the Arctic? Maybe not, but what if you could safely venture on the frozen shores of the St. Lawrence River with a guide from Musée Maritime du Québec ? And the cherry on top of the iceberg: meet a real Arctic naviga…
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Sara-Émilie Laurin February 18, 2020
Active Nature Bike ride from Old Québec to Old Lévis!
One of my favorite bike rides is the loop from Old Quebec to Old Lévis. It allows you to cross the Quebec bridge and return with the Quebec-Lévis crossing, both of which offer an exceptional panorama. A ride of about thirty kilometers that you can c…
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Sara-Émilie Laurin September 26, 2019
Active Nature Go out with your dog to the falls and at the microbrewery!
We do not always want to leave our dog alone when we want to go out during the summer! Why not bring your friend with you to the magnificent Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière and after to have a good beer at Frampton Brasse?
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Sara-Émilie Laurin August 30, 2019