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Active Nature Bike ride from Old Québec to Old Lévis!
One of my favorite bike rides is the loop from Old Quebec to Old Lévis. It allows you to cross the Quebec Bridge and return with the Quebec-Lévis ferry, both offering an exceptional panorama. A ride of about thirty kilometers!
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Updated on January 30, 2024
Curious Nature An evening of multimedia immersion at NRJ Spa!
Who would have thought of doing a sound and light show in a spa ? Well, NRJ Spa is the first to do it! It's a very original way of living a thermal experience.
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Updated on October 3, 2022
Active Nature - En vedette Down Hill Skiing and Cross-Country Skiing at Mont-Orignal
Which is the best cross-country or downhill skiing? Don't pick a fight just pick Mont-Orignal where you can do both and a lot more!
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Written on November 25, 2021
4 spas to discover
Whatever the season, what better than to find yourself warm in a spa in an enchanting environment.
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Written on October 19, 2021
Ranch Bo Soleil - balade a cheval
Active Nature Soothing moment on horseback at Ranch Bo-Soleil
Nothing better to connect to the present moment than to take a beautiful horse ride in the countryside while enjoying the fall colors!
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Written on October 5, 2020
Curious Nature Fall road trip on the Route de la Beauce
Under a beautiful hot sun at the beginning of fall, we set out to explore the Route de la Beauce. We were ready to let ourselves be charmed by the bucolic landscapes, the twists of the Chaudière River and especially by the legendary Beaucerons.
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Written on September 22, 2020
Active Nature A trip to the falls and the microbrewery with my dog
It's not always easy leaving your dog at home when the weather is nice and you want to go out. So why not bring your dog along while you visit the magnificent Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière? While you are out, spend the rest of the afternoon sippin…
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Written on August 30, 2019