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Maisons du Grand Héron - Yourte et tipi

Saint-Antoine-de-l'Isle-aux-Grues • Montmagny and the islands
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Maisons du Grand Héron - Yourte et tipi

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A unique experience in Quebec, stay in a beautiful new genre tipi. The first in Quebec!
• Located in the forest in the middle and along the great St-Lawrence river, you will find inside a loft and large windows to admire a beautiful view of the river. Can accommodate four people. • Modular four seasons with solid wood . • Table, chairs, fridge and toilet. • Double bed and sofa bed, including bedding. • Access to the hostel at any time for a shower and towels. • Packages available including picnic in all seasons

The charm and comfort of contemporary yurts.   On Isle-aux-Grues two modern and comfortable yurts can accommode four people. It has two single beds and a sofa bed with bedding. There is also a table, chairs, heating, running water and electricity, a kitchen and a toilet.

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Recommended by Gilles Tardif, from Maisons du Grand Héron - Yourte et tipi

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