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Snowmobile trails open house event

FREE ACCESS TO FCMQ TRAILS EVERYWHERE IN QUEBEC - JANUARY 15 AND 16, 2022.Postponed Event on February 19th and 20th,2022

The FCMQ and the thousands of volunteers from its 205 member snowmobile clubs invite you to discover the world's foremost snowmobile trail system free of charge on February 19th and 20th, 2022 (FREE TEMPORARY TRAIL PERMIT REQUIRED.)

Get your free temporary trail permit online

During the entire weekend, you will have access to 20,000 miles of marked and groomed trails, securely maintained by our 4,500 volunteers. Best of all, no trail permit will be required.

Québec's trail network is renowned worldwide for its high maintenance standard, its accessibility and its regional interconnectedness. Come experience for yourself the product of the tireless devotion and commitment of our thousands of dedicated volunteers, and you too will become a believer!

To enjoy our trails in complete safety during this weekend, we remind you to:

  • Have your free temporary trail permit on hand at all times (printed or accessible in your smart phone);

  • The owner of the snowmobile must hold a public liability insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 and have proof of said insurance in his possession;

  • All snowmobiles must be registered and licensed;

  • The minimum age to operate a snowmobile is 16. In addition, 16 and 17 year-olds must have a valid snowmobile operator's permit;

  • It is forbidden to have more passengers on the snowmobile than the capacity listed by the manufacturer;

  • Always keep right and stay on the trails.

To extend your enjoyment of our trails, simply do what over 80,000 snowmobile owners do and contact a local club. In addition to seasonal trail permits, 1, 3 and 7-day passes are available.


3 days of riding for the price of 1 day, why not!

Get a trail permit for a day ($70), to ride 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday OR Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

5 days of riding for the price of 3 days, even better!

Get a three days ($ 150) trail permit, to ride 5 days. 

9 days of riding for the price of 7 days, that's the best!

Get a seven days ($ 240) trail permit, to ride 9 days.

Plan your stay by looking the snowmobile trail map  or trail conditions .