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Frequently Asked Questions about Snowmobile

Q: Where to purchase snowmobile trail permits?
A: Trail permits are available online on the FCMQ website.

Q: Where must the permit sticker be affixed?
A:The permit is valid only when permanently affixed on the snowmobile. General Rules of the FCMQ (article 11) specify that the permit sticker must be affixed on the left side of the cab.
Don't forget! The sticker is not sufficient! 
You must carry the proof of purchase (large pink paper) of your trail permit at all time and be prepared to present it to a trail warden or peace officer as proof that you are driving legally on the trails (Act respecting off-highway vehicles, article 38, par. 7).

Q: Is it possible to get a replacement permit?
A: Yes, Replacement permits may be purchased online here for thirty dollars ($30). In order to receive a replacement permit, the receipt and sticker of the trail permit issued for the original snowmobile must be presented to the seller. Please note that a trail permit cannot be transferred to another owner. It can only be transferred from one snowmobile to another one belonging to the same owner (for example, in the case of a sale followed by a purchase).

Q:Do I need to get liability insurance to travel in Quebec's snowmobile trails?
A: Liability insurance is included with the purchase of your Quebec trail permits and covers you up to $ 2 000 000. For more details on the insurance, please click here.

Q: If I already have a liability insurance to travel in Quebec's snowmobile trails, can I get a refund of the liability insurance included in the Quebec trail permit?
A: Yes, if you complete this form from the Snowmobile Federation and that you can prove that you have your insurance for the minimum amount required by the Law ($ 500 000 in Canadian dollars) and that you have this insurance until November 30, 2016. The total refund for the liability insurance is $ 42.60$ in Canadian Dollars and this based on the number of days that you have already used the insurance (pro rata).

Q: Is there any mobile app to consult the interactive snowmobile trail map?
A: Yes, you can download the mobile app on Google Play or on the App Store . The links (to the App Store and Google Play) for purchasing and downloading will be activated as soon as they become available. Thank you for your patience!

Q:What is the minimum age to operate a snowmobile in Quebec?
A:The minimum age to operate a snowmobile in Quebec is 16 and this section of the law applies to all drivers, regardless of their place of residence.

Quebec drivers aged 16 and 17 must also have a certificate of competence (issued by ConduiPro driving schools). Young persons aged 16 and 17 from outside Quebec must have a snowmobile operator's certificate issued by their province or State of residence.

A driver's licence is only required (and mandatory) for crossing roads (legal road crossings) and driving on portions of trails that use the roadway. Young persons with a certificate of competence but no driver's licence must therefore ask an adult with a driver's licence to cross their snowmobiles to the other side of the road.

Summary: 18 years old and over can operate a snowmobile without a driver's licence except if they use part of a trail as described above. Persons aged 16 and 17 need a certificate of competence to ride on a trail and a driver's licence to cross a public road. A "farm tractor class" driver's licence is sufficient.

There is one exception to the rule for driving without a licence: Drivers who have lost their licence due to impaired driving are not allowed to operate a snowmobile during their probation period. This offence falls under the Criminal Code and the federal penalty applies to all motor vehicles, including snowmobiles, quads and boats.