Municipalité de Saint-Jacques de Leeds

Région de Thetford
Accueil Site Patrimonial
Accueil Site Patrimonial
Église Anglicane St-James
Leeds Model School
Rectory Alexander
Sentier pédestre Site Patrimonial
Pond Heritage Site
Municipalité de St-Jacques-de-Leeds

In a few words

Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, a charming village with an enchanting landscape, is your front door to an amazing history. Take the time to discover this history by stopping by the heritage site. The guided tour will introduce you to the area's architectural heritage (Leeds Model School, Rectory Alexander, Sunday River School, St. James Anglican Church) and allow you to get a glimpse into the history of the British, Irish and Scottish families of the 19th century. Also, don't miss seeing the cemeteries! You can also have a bite to eat at the picnic areas or take a leisurely walk along the trails. After your visit at the heritage site of Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, continue your route and discover the Craig and Gosford roads.

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