Municipalité de Cap-Saint-Ignace

Montmagny and the islands
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Flower time in orchards
La fraîcheur de la campagne
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Founded in 1672, Cap-Saint-Ignace stands out for its rich heritage and the fertility of its land. There is a local geography filled with unique landscapes for nature lovers: informative pedestrian paths, accesses to the river that will charm you, walking in the forest in peace and a green route for cyclists. For gourmets, an incomparable variety of fine and local products is available to you. For agrotourism, it is an authentic journey that awaits you thanks to the Gourmet Stops to visit.

The tranquility of our beautiful countryside makes Cap-Saint-Ignace a great place to live.

We cannot ignore our past where the land, hunting and traditions have forged history. Cap-Saint-Ignace will celebrate its 350th anniversary this year (2022). The wealth of our heritage and the hospitality of our people make our municipality a part of the country that is worth stopping for a moment ... or for life!

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