La Grande plée Bleue

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On observe la faune à la Grande plée Bleue
Promenade sur le sentier avec le guide
Le sphinx colibri, un papillon à observer à la Grande plée Bleue
La Sarracénie pourpre
La tourbière
La promenade en forêt pour se rendre au sentier
Busard des marais pouvant être observé à la Grande plée Bleue
Le thé du Labrador montré par le guide
Un type de libellule à observer à la Grande plée Bleue
La Grande plée Bleue

In a few words

Take a contemplative walk in the tranquility and beauty of this natural peat bog. Follow a naturalist guide along a 3.5 km educational trail in a rich, protected ecosystem that has maintained its ecological integrity.

You could observe more than 100 species of birds and 150 plant species, including carnivorous flora, orchids, and a number of rare plants.

You'll learn how the Grande plée Bleue peat bog formed, about its uses, and about the typical plant and animal species found there.

An observation tower in the heart of the peat bog offers an extraordinary view of the site.


Open June to October, by reservation only
Departures at 9 am and 1 pm, with a naturalist guide.

Approximate visit length: 3 hours

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important Covid-19, closing for the 2020 season
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