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Notre-Dame-des-Pins, Pont Couvert
Église de Notre-Dame-des-Pins
La campagne à Notre-Dame-des-Pins
L'hiver à Notre-Dame-des-Pins
À l'aube
Manoir de la Roselière

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A starting-off point for many 19th century gold seekers, Notre-Dame-des-Pins is particularly proud of its covered bridge built in 1929. At 154.5 metres, it is the longest of its kind in Québec and the second longest in Canada. Cross it both in summer and winter (by snowmobile) to marvel at its structure, a testament of a long-gone construction method. A rest area has also been built nearby. Incidentally, did you know that bridges were covered to prevent their wood decks from rotting in the rain?

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This place also offers : Covered bridge and suspension bridge

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