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In a few words

Established in 1887, the municipality of Saint-Nérée is in the heart of the Bellechasse region and boasts a permanent population of 811 and an additional seasonal population of approximately 400. Known as a wonderful vacation spot, this area, with its rolling plateaus, is 75% woodlands and home to many lakes and rivers. At the centre of the village, the fieldstone church, former presbytery and general store - the oldest business in the Bellechasse area - are in themselves well worth a visit. Discover the rich variety of wildlife and forests by pedaling along the “Cycloroute de Bellechasse,” a 74-km bike path winding through the MRC area. Taste the delicious locally grown blueberries, which remind Saint-Nérée's residents of their old nickname of “Bleuets,” owing to the abundant harvests. Don't forget to come this year to celebrate Saint-Nérée's 125th anniversary, which will be held from July 29-31, 2011.

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