• Richard Morneau

    General Manager

    He coordinates the preparation of the marketing plan, participates in the realization of the program of the tourist industry, prepares the annual strategic plan, organizes, oversees, administers and controls the activities and the budget of the corporation.

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 ext. 220 
    Fax: (418) 831-8442

  • Odile Turgeon

    Marketing Director

    She participates in the preparation of the marketing plan and the annual actions plan. She works hand in hand with all the members to make them and the region benefit from his experience. To do it so, she identifies the thematic, develops the concepts and prepares the budgets. She coordinates and is responsible for the sale of advertisement in the promotional tools such as the tourist guide, Web advertisings, the snowmobile trail map, the ATV trail map, the motorcycling map, the cycling guide and the Web site. She manages the cooperative advertisings program and the group promotion. She takes part into different committees such as the Fonds de promotion touristique de la Chaudière-Appalaches, the Off-road vehicles table and the Touristic regional association's marketing directors table. She is always aware of new tendencies and ways to communicate.

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 Ext. 230
    Fax: 418 831-8442

  • Louis Chamberland

    Ebusiness Director

    Leads the development of the website and subdomains. Supervise the establishment of e-business objectives and see the implementation of the necessary tools for performance analysis. Manage and optimize e-marketing campaigns (Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Newsletter, Real-Time Bidding and Social Media). Ensure e-business and e-business monitoring

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 Ext. 300 
    Fax: 418 831-8442

  • Sarah Moore

    Communications and Public Relations Counselor

    She coordinates the relationships with the Medias via press visits, press releases and shows. She also takes part in the development and the implementation of the action plan in communications, in particular near the members. Lastly, she organizes the various events offered by Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches, of which the Grands prix du tourisme.

  • Amélie Dumas-Aubé

    Communication and public relations counselor (maternity leave replacement for Sarah until April 2021)

    She coordinates media relations, whether through press tours, press releases, trade fairs or tourism grants. She also participates in the development and implementation of the communications action plan, particularly with members. She organizes the various events offered by Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches, including the Grands Prix du tourisme. Finally, she is a community manager.

    Phone : 418 831-4411 Poste 240 
    Mobile : 581 998-7597
    Fax : 418 831-8442

  • Jenny Lapointe

    Accounts department

    She is responsible for the holding of accounting booksof the corporation, for the purchase of stationery and equipment of office.

    Phone : (418) 831-4411 Ext. # 260
    Fax : 418 831-8442

  • Stéphanie Allard

    Communication, Web, graphics and multimedia

    She produces photo and video content and participates in the development of the website (texts, photos, articles, etc.). She designs graphic works and assists the marketing team in their actions. She is in charge of the communications and press relations follow-up during Sarah Moore's maternity leave..

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 Ext. 209 
    Fax: 418 831-8442

  • Frédéric Vachon

    Marketing technician

    He assists the Marketing and e-business Consultant in Web projects and marketing.

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 Ext. 270 
    Fax: 418 831-8442

  • Sara-Émilie Laurin

    Tourism Development Officer

    In charge of coordinating the structuring and development of the tourist offer. This will be done through the action plan for 2017-2020.

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 Ext. 305 
    Fax: 418 831-8442

  • Stéphane Bourque

    Digital content officer

    He is responsible of keeping the website (texts, photos, etc) up to date. He also assists in the development of the e-marketing campaigns (Web, Social Media, Newsletter).

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 Ext. 290 
    Fax: 418 831-8442

  • Patricia Côté

    Coordinator reception and information

    She is responsible for the reception and the information. She coordinates the formation of the students staff of tourist information. At the regional house, she manages the information request, holds the inventory of the leaflets for the members and the other brochures. She also in charge of the rent of stands.

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 Ext. 250
    Fax: 418 831-8442

  • Marie-Christine Bigot

    Assistant Coordinator reception and information

    She answers the demands of information, both the counter and the telephone. She holds up to date the list of mail sendings and assures the mailing of the appearances of the Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches. Added by Patricia Côté, she is the person to contact in its absence.

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 Ext. 200 
    Fax: 418 831-8442

  • Tourist Information Officers

    Tourist information

    At the tourist information office in Saint-Nicolas, attendants answer questions from visitors at the counter, by phone and e-mail. They inform and advise visitors from Quebec and abroad on the attractions, accommodations and tourist services offered in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. 

    Phone: (418) 831-4411 Ext. 200
    Fax: 418 831-8442