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Frima - Woodooliparc

Scott • La Beauce
Zone Frima
Zone Frima
Zone Frima
Zone Frima


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For Real!

Claudia Poulin, Frima - Woodooliparc

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Mid-November to beginning of January.


Adults: $9; children 2 to 11 years: $7; children under 2 years: 2$. Group rate (20 persons or more): $6 per child.

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Curious Nature The doors of the Woodooliparc are open: Are you ready to "Dream awake" all summer!

This summer the Woodooliparc opens the doors of Frima - the magic of colors! If in winter, the world of Frima seduced us with its Christmas magic ... it reveals its charms under its summer theme. But what do we find in the multicolored forest when Santa Claus and Mother Christmas went on vacation? This is what I went to discover with 2 young ladies of 4 years and 6 years old, last Saturday!