La Beauce

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Saint-Joseph owes its name to Joseph Fleury de la Gorgendière, first seignior of the region and the founder of Beauce. From the tourist stop, take the time to admire the stunning view of the city and the first parcels of land granted on the west side of the Chaudière river. Close to the bridge, a cross marks the spot where the first chapel in Beauce stood. Also, don't miss the enchanting site of the city's first mill, found at the municipal campground. Every spring, the flooded plain marvellously reflects the city's image, courthouse and historic buildings classified among Québec's most beautiful institutions - the church, presbytery, orphanage, Lambert school and convent (now the “Maison de la culture”). Stroll through the city's streets and discover its well-preserved architecture. For a close-up view of the Chaudière river, take the footpath through the municipal park and enjoy being surrounded by nature at its best.


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