Club VTT Les Défricheurs de l'Islet-Sud

Saint-Pamphile • Destination Région L'Islet
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Paysage sur les sentiers quad
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Pont couvert
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Club des Défricheurs
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Club VTT Les défricheurs de l'Islet-Sud
Randonnée des dames - 17 août 2013


In a few words

This year, the Club VTT Les Défricheurs of l'Islet-Sud is 12 years-old. In the brginning, the club grouped the municipalities of Tourville, St-Omer, St-Pamphile and Ste-Perpétue. Later on, the municipalities of St-Adalbert and Ste-Félicité join the club. Affiliated with the FQCQ since it's foundation, the club is recognized as a 4 season club. Close to 208 well marked kms are accessible from Spring to Fall. Rivers, mountains, and forests offer amazing points of view. In Winter, 127 kms of plowed trails wait for you. On our land four-wheelers have access to Parc Linéaire of Tronçon Monk from May to Octerber. Restaurant services, lodging and gas stations are also available. We are welcoming, respectful people and are proud of our region. Our security agents on the trails are present and hold to heart the security of our visitors. Come visit us.

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Active Nature Two days in quad in L'Islet

I have always liked machines like quad bikes and snowmobiles. I learned when I was young to take them to my grandparents' chalet. I like the feeling of freedom that it gives us. We ride in nature, we reach places that would otherwise be difficult to access and we discover magnificent landscapes, summer and winter.