Le Chemin des Artisans

Thetford Mines • Région de Thetford
Le Chemin des Artisans
From 16 to September 24, 2017

In a few words

For 13 years now, “Sur le chemin des Artisans” has beckoned visit¬ors to come and truly appreciate the splendour of the Appala¬chian landscapes and discover the most talented artists and artisans among picturesque and historical areas, hidden away in the charming countryside. During these two weekends, the artists and artisans will open the doors to their workshops. As a result, you will enter into their inner world of knowledge, and get a taste of their quiet passion and great enthusiasm. These enthusiastic folk are ready to extend some hospitality and take the opportunity to impart a nugget of truth to every visitor, based on their life experience or art. A map with the location of exhibitors and signage along the route will help you find the various workshops. “Sur le chemin des Artisans” is a free activ¬ity that everyone can enjoy and which combines culture, nature and art marvellously well. Will you know how to find it?


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