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In a few words

Our kennel is one of the most beautiful of the region. Everyday, on reservation, you can visit it with one of our guides who will share his passion and tell you about our work and care methods at the kennel. You can also try dogsledding with one of our six excursions:

Visit duration : 1.00 h

Schedule and prices


All winter, if weather allows.


■ Discovery (1 hour, 6 to 7 km)
Discover dogsledding with this excursion through dense woods. Accessible to people of all age. The Lodge guarantees an extraordinary activity with many good memories.
-*55$/person in **DUO
-*90$/person in ***VIP
Departure: 9h/10h30/13h

■ Half-Day Initiation (3 hours, 15 to 20 km)
For beginners or intermediates, the half-day is appropriate for everyone who loves nature and animals. This adventure will show you a different side of dogsledding!
-*105$/person in **DUO
-*119$/person in ***VIP
Departure: 9h/13h

■ Expert (7 hours, 35 to 40 km)
This excursion is designed for experienced dogsledders looking for an adrenalin rush. This unique activity will bring you to a panoramic viewpoint - 320 metres of altitude - to appreciate the stunning landscape.
-*199$/person in **DUO
-*250$/person in ***VIP
Departure: 9h

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