Hôtel L'Oiselière - Montmagny

Montmagny • Montmagny and the islands
L'Oiselière Montmagny - Room
L'Oiselière Montmagny - Suite
Hôtel L'Oiselière Montmagny - Service de pauses-café
L'Oiselière Montmagny - Chambre
Oiselière Montmagny Attirum
Hôtel L'Oiselière Montmagny - Jardin tropical intérieur
L'Oiselière Montmagny - Room
Hôtel L'Oiselière Montmagny - Salle de réunion
Hôtel L'Oiselière Montmagny
Hôtel L'Oiselière Montmagny - piscine extérieure

Hôtel L'Oiselière - Montmagny

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105, road des Poirier
Montmagny Québec, G5V 3T4
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418 248-1640
1 800 540-1640

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CITQ # 65310


  • Number of Guests : 69

  • Washroom : 71

  • Wireless Internet Access

  • Pets

  • Outdoor Hot tub

  • Indoor Pool

  • Outdoor Hot Tub

In a few words

Spacious and classic, the 71 rooms and suites of L'Oiselière Montmagny are especially designed for your well-being! Discover an amazing indoor tropical garden, a pool, spa and sauna... everything you need to get away from the everyday! For an exotic holiday in beautiful surroundings, L'Oiseliere is THE place! Why not take advantage of your stay to treat yourself to a little extra relaxation? Let the therapists at Mariposa health and beauty centre pamper you! To complete the experience, take a visit at La Couvee restaurant! Inspired by the incredible variety of local products, Chef Donald Labillois offers ups a generous table where freshness and refinement meet!

For Real!

Many people ask us about the name of our hotel. It was inspired by the yearly migration of snow geese and alludes to a person whose profession is breeding birds.

Estelle Lord, Hôtel L'Oiselière - Montmagny

Certifications et distinctions

  • Bienvenue cyclistes !™
  • Grand Prix Régional - 2006
  • Grand Prix Régional - 2006
  • Grand Prix Régional - 2008
  • Grand Prix Régional - 2010

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