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Traverse Québec-Lévis

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6001, street Laurier (gare fluviale)
Lévis Québec, G6V 0P5
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Our crushes (4)

  • Quai Paquet

    Fountains, sound and light show, food trucks

  • Winter crossing

    The ice forming on ther river is truly impressive

  • Romantic crossing at night

    Reflections of the Château and the buildings on the water

  • Québec City-Lévis cycling loop

    29 km following the St.Lawrence River

In a few words

Hop on the ferry to see Québec City from an entirely different perspective as the seasons ebb and flow. The Québec City-Lévis ferry offers spectacular views of Old Québec City from the water and provides an excellent vantage point for taking gorgeous photographs of the sky at any time of the day.

Discover the best stop whether you're a foot passenger, cyclist or driver that guide you to lively historic areas and docks, as well as cycling paths. Set out on an adventure on the Corridor du Littoral (Québec City) and Parcours des Anses (Lévis) cycling paths or on the 29-km loop that crosses the river by the ferry and the bridge and brings you back to the starting point.

Certifications et distinctions

  • The Navigator's Trail
  • Grand Prix Régional - 2005

Schedule and prices


Year round, daily. During the day, departures every 20 or 30 minutes from both terminals. During the evening, departures on the hour from Lévis and on the half hour from Québec City.

Crossings added during summertime. Refer to website.


Please refer to website.

Articles (3)


Curious Nature The Route des Navigateurs in landscape mode

The Route des Navigateurs! I no longer count the number of times I have driven it. Whenever the weather allows it, it is the one I drive for my trips from west to east, from east to west, whatever. Why? Not only because there is a rich heritage, great attractions, beautiful shops and tasty gourmet businesses, but also for the beauty and quality of its landscapes. There are sohttps://chaudiereappalaches.com/fr/raconte-moi-ton-trip/article/les-paysages-de-la-route-des-navigateurs/ many, of all kinds.

Active Nature Bike ride from Old Québec to Old Lévis!

One of my favorite bike rides is the loop from Old Quebec to Old Lévis. It allows you to cross the Quebec bridge and return with the Quebec-Lévis crossing, both of which offer an exceptional panorama. A ride of about thirty kilometers that you can celebrate with a beer at the Corsaire pub !