Les Bleuets du Vire-Crêpes

Lévis • Lévis

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  • Vire-Crêpes breakfasts

    Unique breakfasts prepared with local products.

  • Blueberry ice cream

    In featured: The soft blueberry ice cream, unique in Quebec.

  • Blueberry picking

    Blueberry picking in an enchanting setting.

  • Vire-Crêpes pastry

    Our famous three fruits pie will charm you.

  • The terrace of the Vire-Crêpes

    It will enchant you with an impression of being elsewhere.

  • Blueberry hand cream

    A soft and moisturizing product with blueberry fragrance.

In a few words

For Real!

ANNE LADOUCEUR, Les Bleuets du Vire-Crêpes

Certifications et distinctions

  • Terroir et saveurs du Québec
  • Aliments du Québec au menu
  • Grand Prix Régional - 2020

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Foody Nature Tourist Wanted: The Foodie

You don’t become a gourmand by choice, it’s a gift that life offers you. My parents always did a lot of cooking at home and the smells, the sounds of meats being cooked as they crackle in the pan and the panoply of flavours have always been a part of my life. And so, it was no great surprise that I ended up becoming a chef, a gourmand and the perfect person to fit the profile of ‘’Foodie Wanted’’.

Foody Nature Feel like you're on vacation even on weeknights!

I am fortunate to live close to Chemin Vire-Crêpes in Saint-Nicolas, in the western sector of Lévis. On this path, we find several agricultural producers who come together under the name of Chemin de la Fraîcheur. One company that the whole family is particularly fond of is Les Bleuets du Vire-Crêpes. You can go there to eat delicious lunches in their café, to buy all kinds of beautiful blueberry products in their shop, but we, more often than not, it's to end the day with a good ice cream that we found there.