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Pool, spa and sauna
Days Inn Lévis - Room
Days Inn Lévis - Chambre
Days Inn Lévis - Chambre
Days inn Lévis - Chambre
Hôtel L'Oiselière Saint-Nicolas - Salon
Hôtel L'Oiselière Saint-Nicolas
Hôtel L'Oiselière Saint-Nicolas
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Days Inn Lévis

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For successful meetings, Days Inn Levis is a place of choice! First-class facilities and personalized service will ensure the success of your event! Different meeting rooms are available to suit your needs! Our attentive staff will be happy to guide and advise you in order to make your event a real success!

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Alouette25 × 27 × 9305040304075
Chouette25 × 27 × 9305040304075
Chouette et Alouette50 × 27 × 980100605690200
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