La cache à Maxime

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Réunion - Cache à Maxime
Mariage à La cache à Maxime
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Chapelle - La cache à Maxime
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Réunion - Cache à Maxime
Réunion - Cache à Maxime
Réunion - Cache à Maxime
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La cache à Maxime

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La cache à Maxime is the ideal place to stop during a trip or to go to for an office or Christmas party, news conference, business meeting, wedding or any other occasion whether big or small. Its team takes care of everything: meals (special menus for groups), entertainment, disc jockey, outdoor activities, installation of festival tents for large groups, etc. Four air-conditioned rooms are available for groups of 10 to 500 people.

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One day meeting package starting at $45 per person

Meeting package including meals and lodging starting at $165/per. double occupancy


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Our rooms

Bacchus33 × 50 × 21641504852100175
Maréchal-Foch42 × 50 × 12962007260160220
Verrière46 × 27 × 1440100322880120
Léonessa26 × 20 × 8124018143240
Bacchus/Maréchal75 × 50 × 121603508876300350
Vandal-Cliche55 × 50 × 12962007260160220
Bacchus-Maréchal-Vandal-Cliche130 × 50 × 12256600112100450625
Vandal-Cliche -Maréchal Foch97 × 50 × 121924009684320425
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