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Club de Golf Sainte-Marie

Sainte-Marie • La Beauce
important Covid-19, we are open for the 2020 season
allée 9
Club de Golf Sainte-Marie

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Club de Golf de Beauce was born in 1962, resulting from the efforts of pioneers named Boivin, Beaudin, Doyon, Labrecque, Vachon, Lacroix and others. And now 50 years later, the dream of these artisans is part of the «beauceron» decor as another example of this proud region.Golf Club de Beauce, St. Mary, intends to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in 2012, in order to meet not only the work of its founders, but also people who have meant throughout the years that this golf course is improving and becoming a wonderful place.Golf Club de Beauce has distinguished itself in its own way and contribute to the community, sporting and economic region. And with the holidays of its fiftieth anniversary in 2012, is an excellent opportunity to restart or start other projects allowing it to continue in this direction.

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important Covid-19, we are open for the 2020 season
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