Circuits patrimoniaux de la MRC Robert-Cliche

Sainte-Marie • La Beauce
Circuits patrimoniaux de la MRC Robert-Cliche

In a few words

Explore the history of Central Beauce with the Robert-Cliche RCM Heritage Tours. In these circuits, featuring over a hundred landmarks in ten municipalities, you will discover the wealth of the Beauce heritage. Prominent figures, ancestral homes, cultural landscapes, historic locations, and religious heritage are some of the attractions to be explored during your journey.

Pictures, texts, audio and video clips are available for free as part of a virtual tour on your computer or mobile app. A car is required, although you will be able to park in villages and walk to enjoy a number of attractions, a lush nature and the warm welcome of the Beauce people. Some landmarks offer sightseeing tours, and their operating hours will be mentioned.

Self-Guided Tour
You can start and freely plan your route in any municipality member of the network and see your position by GPS. Most landmarks are accessible year-round.

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