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Centre d'art Rév. Louis-Napoléon-Fiset

Sainte-Hénédine • La Beauce
Centre d'art Rév. Louis-Napoléon-Fiset

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If you want to really feel the spirit of a rural population driven by unwavering faith and great pride in its culture, stop by the Centre d'art Louis-Napoléon-Fiset (art centre), a true Beauce treasure that houses exceptional religious heritage. Admire the imposing church built in 1910, featuring large stained glass windows painted in the grisaille manner. Visit exhibits that depict the evolution of art in Québec and highlight the talent, patience and pride of our forebears. You will see a tithe barn that has stood the test of time and be amazed at the horse-drawn hearse dating back to 1928.


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From 14 to January 21, 2018
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Recommended by Normand Fecteau, from Centre d'art Rév. Louis-Napoléon-Fiset

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