Domaine à l'Héritage

Saint-Séverin (Ch.-App.) • La Beauce
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Domaine à l'Héritage

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Discover one of the most majestic panoramas in the Beauce region. Follow the wonderful flower-edged trails that will lead you to the “Jardin des anciennes saisons” and the “Sanctuaire aux souvenirs.” How about a little
getaway to “Île des amours” (lovers' island)! You will be amazed at the beauty of these sites where you can enjoy life by having a picnic, relaxing and breathing in nature's fragrances. Listen to the birds singing and the sound of music, and you will be captivated by the magic of the area. This estate, majestic during the day and mysterious during the night is a must-see destination in Beauce. Come enjoy it with your family and friends!


From end of June to October 15th, everyday of the week from 10h to 22h according to weather.

Please note that during weekdays or end of season, the closing hours might change without further notice. Please excuse us for any inconveniences this may cause.

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There is no fixed price. We can donate whatever you want on the site or you can send a cheque at our administrative office :

Domaine à l'Héritage
1955 Cote de liesse, suite 210
Montréal, QC
H4N 3A8

We usually recommand 10$-12$ per person.

Our crushes

  • Sublic music

    All day long, the classic music will follow your journey

  • Romantic picnic

    Bring a wine and cheese and your loved one

  • Color of the night

    A mystic ambiance with the colored lights.

  • Color of the fall

    In September/October, discover the color of the forest.

  • Flowered gardens

    1001 flowers waiting you the long of the path.

  • Amazing view

    From the top of the mountain, the view is amazing!


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