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Village Aventuria

Saint-Jules • La Beauce
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Village Aventuria

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Village Aventuria is a unique site located in the heart of the Beauce region offering families a chance to discover a course challenging in heights, a giant trampoline, a race course, an enigmatic labyrinth and a teepee full of history. Come and meet a malicious pirate, a daring knight, a crazy brigadier, a bewitching lady of the woods and an Amerindian chief who will.




Taxes included.

Adults: $33.00
13 to 17 years old: $29.00
7 to 12 years old: $19.00

For Families (2 adults, 2 children):
Adults: $29.00
13 to 17 years old : $26.00
7 to 12 years old: $19.00

Groups (17 people or more):
Adults: $28.00
13 to 17 years old: $25.00
7 to 12 years old: $16.50

This place also offers : Rope course


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October 26, 2019
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