Le Georgesville

Saint-Georges • La Beauce
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Le Point-Final
Le Point-Final
Le Georgesville - Restaurant
Le Georgesville - Restaurant
Le Georgesville - Restaurant
Le Georgesville - Restaurant
Le Georgesville - Hiver
Le Georgesville
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Le Georgesville

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For over 20 years, the Georgesville convention centre has been an outstanding host for all types of events. A feather in the cap of the regional
hotel industry, the centre sets itself apart by its top quality facilities, expeditious service and contemporary cuisine. For your plenary sessions,
meetings, exhibits, assemblies and banquets, the Georgesville has 15 rooms with complete sound systems, and one of the rooms can accommodate 600 people.

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“ The Georgesville is amazing! I am really proud to be part of this team that communicates its contagious passion to all its customers who gladly appreciate... ”

Mireille Vézina, Le Georgesville


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Our rooms

Salle Beauce-Nord36 × 471452107060152240
Salle Beauce-Centre39 × 471452258060160275
Salle Beauce-Sud26 × 47951506050120180
Salle Beauce-Centre-Nord75 × 4727040012090320525
Salle Beauce-Centre-Sud65 × 4721035011080288450
Salle Beauce101 × 47360650150120486700
La Chassée28 × 30456028244550
La Chaudière20 × 5085100604080100
La Pozer15 × 1820251612820
La Du Loup15 × 1820252016020
La Samson26 × 30256025204040
L'Etchemin60 × 45 × 9801500401000
La Daaquam14 × 20024161200
La Calway15 × 1820251612820
La Pozer-Calway30 × 18305025204050
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