La Beauce
Parc municipal
Bleuetière Goulet

In a few words

Saint-Frédéric, a Beauce municipality sitting on the west shore of the Chaudière river, has nothing less than a wonderful array of tourist attractions, such as blueberry picking, skydiving, hot air ballooning, having a good laugh at the summer theatre, or enjoying a spiritual retreat. The maple trees come alive in the spring for the traditional “sugaring off” parties at the sugar shack. These trees also put on a stunning show of flaming colours in the fall, a typical Beauce happening. This spectacular display is worth the trip! Snowmobiles and quads offer the perfect opportunity to experience the legendary Québec winter and appreciate all its wonders. These itineraries are accessible by trail No. 535 and a local club trail. Some 160 years of history have bequeathed a most interesting cultural heritage and legacy, such as the church erected in 1858 and also magnificent houses.

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