Festival du Bûcheux de Saint-Pamphile

Saint-Pamphile • Destination Région L'Islet
important Covid-19, closing for the 2021 season
Tree pruning
Boiling competition
Slaughter competition
Craftwork place
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Compétition de sciage de bois de chauffage
Compétition Godendard
Concours de «bouillage»
Village de Pistoc, Jeux pour enfants
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From Aug. 21, 2019 to Aug. 25, 2019

In a few words

This lumberjack festival showcases the region's forest character. The program includes forestry, sporting, cultural and social activities such as tree felling with bow saws, axes and two-handed saws, firewood sawing, sawmill visit, musical gala, dance parties, parade, and entertainment for small children. Visit the website www.festivaldubucheux.ca for further information about this lumberjack festival: program, lodging, reservations and other information.

Certifications et distinctions

    • Grand Prix Régional - 2011
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2012
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2016
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2017
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2020

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    Activités à venir

    August 2022

    • From 24 to August 28, 2022

    important Covid-19, closing for the 2021 season