It’s hot out! 9 beaches in Chaudière-Appalaches

Éco-Parc - Etchemins - Enfant - Plaisir à la plage

When it’s hot outside, what’s better than an afternoon at the beach? Here are 9 places where you can goswimming in the region.

Éco-Parc des Etchemins


Éco-Parc des Etchemins - Etchemins - Plage - Famille - Mère et Fille

This recreation and tourism park is located in the centre of the municipality of Lac-Etchemin. It offers a wide range of refreshing activities for the whole family: a supervised beach, water games, non-motorized watercraft and four water slides. There’s something for all outdoor enthusiasts! And guess what ? Since the summer of 2019, there is now a heated outdoor wave pool !

Welcome tol'Éco-Parc des Etchemins  in Lac-Etchemin in the Etchemins!

Plage de berthier-sur-mer


Plage de Berthier-sur-Mer

This beach stretches over one kilometer of sand. This favorite place to cool off during the hot season is also a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

Welcome to the Plage de Berthier-sur-Mer  in Montmagny et les Îles!

parc national de frontenac

Saint-Daniel sector, in the region of Thetford

parc national de Frontenac - secteur Saint-Daniel - plage

Since 2018 , the lifeguard-patrolled Saint-Daniel beach sector celebrate its reopening, to the delight of one and all! Treat yourself to a refreshing swim after enjoying outdoor activities and discovering the park. What a pleasant option to top off a busy day!

Discover the sector’s new recreational amenities: children's play area, beach volleyball, numerous picnic tables, and several charcoal barbecues.

Welcome to the parc national de Frontenac in the Saint-Daniel sector in the region of Thetford !

Nautik Aventure

nautical basin, region of Thetford

Nautik Aventure - Parcours gonflable - Bassin cache du Domaine

An urban beach of more than 15,000 square feet has been improved this year on the edge of thenautical basin in addition to adding a new body of water dug to facilitate access to swimming for customers of all ages. It is important to note that the quality of the water is identical to that of spring water, which makes all the difference.

Welcome to the Nautik Aventure  in the region of Thetford !

Camping Domaine de la Chute


Camping Domaine La Chute - Lotbinière - Plage

Camping Domaine de la Chute is an enchanting site with a lake and water games as well as a beautiful sand beach. It’s a fun and friendly place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Welcome to Camping Domaine de la Chute  in Saint-Apollinaire in Lotbinière !

camping lac-georges


Camping du Lac-Georges - Lotbinière - Enfant - Glissade

Camping du Lac Georges offers a splendid supervised beach and a number of water games, including water slides that reach up to 40 feet high. There’s even a pirate ship where your kids can embark on an adventure!

Welcome to Camping Lac Georges  in Val-Alain in Lotbinière!

Camping La Vallée Beauceronne


Camping La Vallée Beauceronne - plage

Camping la Vallée Beauceronne has an artificial lake where you can have a fun and safe swim. The lake is at the bottom of a valley and surrounded by a beach. Pedal boat and kayak rentals are available.

Welcome to Camping La Vallée Beauceronne  in Saint-Benoît-Labre in Beauce !

domaine du radar

Plage - Domaine du Radar

Beach, swimming and inflatable water games on the lake. Giant balls are also available to navigate the water.

Welcome to Domaine du Radar  in the sector of Lotbinière !

Centre de plein air Sainte-Apolline-de-Patton 


Centre de plein air Sainte-Apolline- de-Patton meets all my expectations. The beach is supervised and a wide range of activities are available: watercraft rentals, aquatic trampoline, slide, volleyball court, minigolf, bocce ball and swings for the kids.

Welcome to Centre de plein air Sainte-Apolline-de-Patton  in the sector of Montmagny and the Islands!

Trust me, to enjoy your summer, or to cool off during an heat wave, thoses places are just perfect!