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Appalaches - Spa - Couple - Hiver

Some perfect moments to think about yourself, about others and to relax and unwind in the way that suits you best...


An authentic Nordic spa experience in Beauce!

NRJ Spa Nordique- Beauce - Hiver - Détente

An authentic Nordic spa experience in Beauce! Discover NRJ Spa Nordique, an enchanting site along the shores of Lac Sartigan, where rest and relaxation go in harmony with nature. The innovative facilities include rest areas, hot spas, a Hammam steam sauna, a Finnish sauna, a cold-water basin with waterfall and access to the lake. Enjoy the thermotherapy services all-year round! Experience the benefits of Nordic spas and complete your wellness experience with a massage. Give NRJ Spa Nordique a couple hours of your day and get reenergized in the open air.

Welcome to NRJ Spa Nordique  in Saint-Alfred !

Sento Spa

Japanese-style relaxation a short drive away from Old Quebec!

Sento Spa is located on the south shore only a few minutes from the Quebec City bridges, along the shores of the Chaudière river. Inspired by Japanese tradition and adapted to the Nordic environment of Quebec, this relaxation destination is housed in the old Villa Saint-Louis, a Victorian-style heritage building that’s been boldly remodelled, blending a Zen and contemporary spirit. Our facilities include exterior hot and cold basins, wooden vats, a foot bath, a mister, a sauna, a salt cavern and a wide variety of massages. Rest areas, such as the dry Japanese garden, the tea room and the cafeteria, provide a quiet place to read, to meditate, to hang out or to have a refreshment!

Welcome to Sento Spa  in Sainte-Hélène-de-Breakyville!

Auberge des Glacis

Take a relaxing break on an enchanting 5-hectare site along the Tortue river.

Auberge des Glacis - Islet - Manoir - Hiver

Take a stroll along the trails of this 5-hectare estate with historical markers, a viewpoint with sweeping views of the Saint Lawrence River and identification signs for the flora. Try some Kusmi tea or herbal teas in the rest area of our health centre.

Welcome to L'Auberge des Glacis  in l'Islet!
Massage therapy treatments:
- Relaxation
- Swedish
- Californian
- Hot stones
- Shells

Centre de Santé L'Éclosion

Fabulous views of the interior gardens!

Oiselière - Montmagny - Détente

The soothing music, the singing of the birds and the sunshine from the numerous skylights will surround you with peace and tranquility. Located directly inside Hôtel L'Oiselière. You’ll experience all the benefits of algae, sea water and essential oils, all paired with unrivalled service, where your wellbeing is always our first priority.

Welcome to Centre de Santé L'Élosion  in Montmagny !


A relaxation experience that’s 100% Nordic!

Appalaches Lodge Spa et Villégiature is an international four-season holiday resort located in Saint-Paul de Montminy, in the heart of the magnificent Parc des Appalaches. This Nordic-style health complex is less than an hour away from Quebec City, on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River. Appalaches Lodge Spa et Villégiature invites you to experience relaxation and outdoor activities that will let you discover the Quebec Nordic experience. Enjoy the high-end Scandinavian spa, the massage therapy centre and the beauty treatment centre and experience complete wellbeing in the Finnish sauna. Enjoy nature to its fullest with a wide variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, dogsledding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. After a long day outdoors, complete your Nordic experience with a stay in one of our seven log cabin chalets in the mountains and our gourmet cuisine.

Welcome to Appalaches  in Saint-Paul-de-Montminy!

Appalaches - Centre de santé - Montmagny - Spa - Hiver - Chalet


Located inside a 4-star hotel complex, the Georgesville Relaxarium offers an unparalleled sensory experience!

Experience the Relaxarium: the contemplative music, essential oils, the warm heat and the effectiveness of the massages and other body cares provided by the therapists will immerse you in an other-body experience. The aquatic club, rest area, tea room, herbal teas and fruits and an intimate dining area all ensure you have the most pleasant stay possible. Numerous services for couples and friends to enjoy together. Make time for yourself by making a reservation today!

Welcome to Relaxarium du Georgesville  in Saint-Georges!

Relaxarium - Le Georgeville - St-Georges - Détente
Relaxarium - Le Georgeville - St-Georges - Déjeuner - Couple
Relaxarium - Le Georgeville - St-Georges - Détente
Relaxarium - Le Georgeville - St-Georges - Déjeuner - Couple

Noah Spa

A unique hydromassage experience!

Noah Spa houses a health centre including ten treatment rooms and offers a wide variety of massages and body care treatments, a beauty treatment room, a hydromassage course, a Hammam sauna and a traditional sauna, a Nordic spa as well as an outdoor pool heated year-round. The overall concept allows guests to experience a unique level of relaxation. Located on the enchanting site of the La Cache à Maxime agri-tourism complex and winery in Scott in Beauce, Noah Spa is the perfect place for a comforting relaxation, vitality and health experience. Noah Spa offers a watergenic spa experience that is unique in Canada, as well as a wide variety of body care treatments, massages and beauty treatments.

Welcome to Noah Spa  in Scott !

Noah Spa - Scott - Beauce - Spa - trio filles
Noah Spa - Scott - Beauce - Spa - Homme
Noah Spa - Scott - Beauce - Spa
Noah Spa - Scott - Beauce - Spa - trio filles
Noah Spa - Scott - Beauce - Spa - Homme
Noah Spa - Scott - Beauce - Spa