Balado- Une promenade pas comme les autres avec Lina et André

Les couchers de soleil au-dessus des montagnes de Charlevoix sont un spectacle haut en couleur vu du quai de L’Islet. C’est parce que nous avons été invités par Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches à suiv...

Lina Giguère September 10, 2019
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Maison J.-A. Vachon - Maison
Foody Nature
Maison J.-A. Vachon: Going back to the history of the pleasures of my childhood!
Being a fervent enthusiast of the "petits gâteauxVachon" during my early childhood, I fell in love with the place from the moment I set foot there.
Alex Boulay July 31, 2019
Moto - Rivière Chaudière - Saint-Lambert - Mai 2019
Curious Nature
On a motorcycle on the edge of the Chaudiere River
200 kilomètres à sillonner la rivière Chaudière, à découvrir le cœur de la vallée beauceronne et à profiter des panoramas exceptionnels. Cet itinéraire est un incontournable et vous en fera voir de...
Frédéric Vachon
Frédéric Vachon Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches May 29, 2019
Kozmic - Vieux Bureau de Poste
Curious Nature
Kozmic at the Vieux Bureau de Poste, too bad you missed it !
That's what I thought when I enjoyed my evening at the Vieux Bureau de Poste with Kozmic and his tribute to Janis Joplin. We can say what we want, but the Vieux Bureau de Poste is perfect to assist...
Stéphane Bourque
Stéphane Bourque Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches March 19, 2019
Bunker de la Science
Curious Nature
Marianne's favorite for The Science Bunker!
The Bunker: the brand new tourist attraction in Lévis under the theme of science! Located near the Traverse Québec-Lévis, The Bunker of Science is an immersive family outing under the themes of che...
Marianne Savoie
Marianne Savoie August 10, 2018
Hôtel cache à Maxime
Curious Nature
Hello Panducci's perfect weekend in Chaudière-Appalaches !
We invited Adeline and her boyfriend from Hello Panducci for a weekend in the region! On the program, relaxation, spa, horseback riding, toboggan, great food ...! Here is the VLOG summary of their ...
Hello Panducci
Hello Panducci March 6, 2018
Musée Marius Barbeau
Curious Nature
Musée Marius-Barbeau: An out-of-the-ordinary museum that you’ll discover with your own two hands!
Experience life as a Beauceron and discover why we call them ‘’black shins’’! Try your hand at learning a little art and try to reproduce a work from the temporary exhibit Le voyage formel... from ...
Roseline Houle
Roseline Houle November 29, 2017
Curious Nature
The Forgeron d'Or – One of Marie-Laurence’s favourites!
Who among us hasn’t asked how jewellery is made? In Sainte-Marie de Beauce, you’ve got the opportunity to discover the know-how of the experienced creators at the Forgeron d'Or.
Marie-Laurence Dumas November 28, 2017
Noah SPA - La Cache à Maxime - Scott
Curious Nature
Noah Spa, a personal favourite!
What would you say to a relaxing day in a one-of- a-kind spa? Noah Spa is the perfect place.
Catherine Marcoux
Catherine Marcoux November 28, 2017
Maison Desjardins - Hiver
Curious Nature
Maison Alphonse-Desjardins: A big-hearted history!
Discover how a couple with a big heart came to create the very first credit union in North America to help out their fellow citizens! What were their motivations and how did they go about doing it?...
Roseline Houle
Roseline Houle November 26, 2017
Foody Nature
Le Corsaire Pub - One of Marianne's favourites
Located near the Quai Paquet, the Corsaire Pub is a gathering place for microbrewery and food lovers, whether with friends, family or even colleagues!
Marianne Savoie
Marianne Savoie July 4, 2017
Isle-aux-Grues Traverse
Curious Nature
Tourist wanted: The insular
Do you like sea breeze? Are you passionate about boats? Are you intrigued about Grosse-île? Do you like to observe beautiful landscapes, sunsets and birds? Would you like to sleep in a tepee?
Catherine Duval
Catherine Duval June 2, 2017
Isle-aux-Grues IamNomad -
Active Nature
Isle-aux-Grues by Iamnomad
Looking for a place to go for a relaxing getaway in an unknown place? We had the chance to visit Isle-aux-grues, located in the St. Lawrence River less than an hour from Quebec.
Fromagerie Bergeron - Employée
Foody Nature
Mathieu's Favourite is Fromagerie Bergeron !
Did you say ‘’squeak-squeak’’?
Mathieu Hallé
Mathieu Hallé May 18, 2017
Sentiers pédestres des 3 Monts- Randonnées
Active Nature
3 monts de Coleraine is one of Mathieu’s favourites!
If you’re a hiker and looking for new places to try out this fun outdoor sport, 3 Monts de Coleraine is without a doubt a not-to- be-missed place to add to your list!
Mathieu Hallé
Mathieu Hallé May 17, 2017
La Seigneurie des Aulnaies
Curious Nature
Seigneurie des Aulnaies : experience life as it was in seigneurial times !
The mill, the manor and the enchanting surroundings filled with century-old trees will take you on a trip back in time! The big mill wheel, still working today, will amaze you!
Roseline Houle
Roseline Houle May 17, 2017
Musée de la Mémoire vivante -extérieur
Curious Nature
Roseline's stories: le Musée de la mémoire vivante : a museum that speaks to us!
Throughout the exhibitions, listen to what people like you and I are saying about intangible heritage such as the food in the old days, the neighborhood life in Saint-Roch and Saint-Sauveur in the ...
Roseline Houle
Roseline Houle May 16, 2017