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Written on May 22, 2017
Curious Nature

The history of a short cruise between 2 shores

Lévis - Vue du vieux Québec

I enjoy taking the ferry and I want to tell you about the time that I felt I was on vacation. One sunny Saturday morning in June, I took the ferry to do a little jogging on the other side of the river.

On one side of me, I heard people talking in English and on the other, in Italian. Close by, a big family was enjoying the scenery as a group. The weather was lovely and the music in my ears filled me with happiness. During the twenty-minute crossing, I felt like I was somewhere else. I had the impression that I was on vacation. I was so content that I even sent a photo to my colleagues!

So many interesting stories to tell about theQuebec City-Lévis ferry . This summer, you can create your own. Here are some suggestions:

Whether you’re a motorist, a pedestrian, a motorcyclist or a cyclist, discover a whole different side of Quebec City that changes with the seasons! The Quebec City-Lévis ferry offers a breathtaking view of the historic side of Old Quebec, Cap Diamant, Château Frontenac, and even the Terrasse Dufferin. In the evening, illuminated buildings project their reflections on the river and add a romantic touch to the crossing.

The ferry is an affordable and accessible year-round activity and located only a few steps away from historical neighbourhoods, many restaurants, cultural institutions, performance halls, as well as well-marked networks of cycling trails.

Discover both shorelinesby bike : two bike routes follow along opposing shorelines and are linked by the ferry.



Fontaine du Quai Paquet - Lévis
Parcours des Anses - course
Fontaine du Quai Paquet - Lévis
Parcours des Anses - course

Parcours des Anses (Lévis)

Length: 15 km

Particulars: follows the shoreline, passes through a number of parks, magnificent views of Quebec City and the river, close to the artisanal chocolate maker Les Chocolats Favoris (treat yourself to an ice cream cone!)

Corridor du Littoral (Quebec City)

Length: 48 km

Particulars: follows along the shoreline, leads to Promenade Samuel-de-Champlain, Baie de Beauport and continues until Parc de la Chute-Montmorency

Happy sailing ;)

Lévis - Traverse Québec-Lévis
De belles histoires sur la Traverse Québec-Lévis il y en a de nombreuses. Cet été, vous pouvez créer la vôtre

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