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Rosalie Roy
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Written on May 15, 2019
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A Day of Getting Together to Restore Our Hiking Trails

JOIN US FOR THE NATIONAL HIKING TRAILS DAY 2019 Montréal, 13 May 2019, Rando Québec and Vélo Québec have joined forces and invite all hikers who use the hiking trails in Québec to participate in the National Hiking Trails Day on June 1st, 2019.

This year we are celebrating the 22nd edition of the National Hiking Trails Day. This day is set aside for the maintenance and the restoration of our hiking trails which have been damaged during the winter season. Each year, hundreds of volunteers participate in this event, ensuring the trails’ sustainability over the seasons and the years to come.


Why should you participate ? 

This day is much more than a day of chore and drudgery! There are four great reasons with a strong community dimension, which ensures that each volunteer can identify with at least one aspect. 

Here is what the National Hiking Trails Day represents:

• SAVE the natural environment where we hike. If you love Nature, this is the opportunity to help. 

• GET OUT AND MOVE and you will benefit from an outdoors activity. Winter has been long and hard, it is time to get out into the woods and get fresh air. 

• SHARE a day among a group of dedicated and likeminded volunteers and discuss and find out about the best hiking trails in the region. 

• HELP trail managers with hands-on work and feel good at the end of the day.

Whatever your main motivation may be, you are helping to preserve the natural heritage of your region. We are looking forward to seeing you at the National Hiking Trails Day on June 1st, 2019. Please join us on the trail of your choice. 


How can you participate?

To get involved, simply select the trail of your choice from the list published on our Facebook event and our website and register directly with the person responsible for this trail. There are already several trails listed that need our help. The list will be updated as new trails become available. 

Everyone is welcome, big or small, strong or less so. The tasks are simple: pick up cut branches, touch up trail signs, pick up trash, cut regrowth, clean drain channels etc., one task as important as the other. There will be a representative on site during the day to provide directions and supervise the various tasks. 

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