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The Adventurer

Destination Région L'Islet - Montmagny and the islands

Discover the Adventurer itinerary

This route takes the Trans-Québec 5 and 55 in the east of the region and offers an exceptional snow on the Appalachian Mountains

Suggested place of departure : Centre Sportif Le Jasmin  in Tourville

Length of the itinerary : 143 miles / 230 km 

Itinerary map

Itinerary The Adventurer

Day 1 

Départure from the Sports Center le Jasmin direction Saint-Pamphile

A stop is possible for a coffee break or a lunch at the Relais du Club de Golf de Saint-Pamphile  or at theRestaurant Chez Réjean

Another option for the lunch is the Restaurant Ô Sommet des Délices  in Saint-Adalbert.

Then, your ride will take you on trails 551 and 5 through Trois-Saumons lake. 

Note : at the intersection of the trail 551, it is possible to reduce by 45 km the length of the  circuit by continuing on trail 35 instead of passing through Trois-Saumons lake. On the 551, the relay Pourvoirie du Forestier  in Montmagny is mid-way betewen the 35 and the 5.

Centre sportif Le Jasmin - Tourville
Motoneige - Appalaches
Relais du Club de Golf de Saint-Pamphile - Motoneige
Ô Sommet des Délices

2 days option 

Several accomodations are available directly on the trails for snowmobilers who would like to take two days for this itinerary.


Auberge des Glacis  (Saint-Eugène-de-l'Islet)
Aux Deux Marées (L'Islet)
Motel La Seigneurie (Saint-Jean-Port-Joli)
La Maison du Voyageur (Tourville)

Appalaches  (Saint-Paul-de-Montminy)
Motel Le Boisé (Saint-Pamphile)


Snowmobile in Chaudière-Appalaches, a #LIVEITFORREAL experience