Virtual tour of Grosse-Ile

Take advantage of Google Street View and enjoy a virtual tour of Grosse-Ile. In the comfort of your living room, discover the island as if you were there! No matter the weather, explore the island in a few clics only and go even inside some of the historical buldings. 

Enjoy your visit! 

Arrival on the island :

After the crossing of the St. Lawrence River with Les Croisières Lachance, you will make your first step on Grosse-Ile by means of the island's quay offering a beautiful view on the River and the skyline. It is where your dressed up guides will be waiting for you for the beginning of the visit.

Après la traversée du fleuve depuis Berthier-sur-Mer avec , vous mettrez votre premier pied à terre sur la Grosse-Ile grâce au quai de l'île offrant une vue magnifique sur le fleuve et l'horizon. C'est à cet endroit que vous attendront vos guides costumés pour la suite de la visite. 

Compulsory visit at the disinfection building :

Just as the immigrants who have landed on the island through the years, a visit of the old quarantine station requires a stop in this building to learn a little bit more about its disinfection process and its distinctive showers.

Third class hotel :

Built in 1914, it is the most recent of the 3 hotels and the biggest of the hotel establishments of Grosse-Ile. It is today house of a food service and a dining room for the lunch break during the visit. We can also find many picnic tables around the building for sunny days.

First class hotel :

Built in 1912, this hotel has received the passengers under medical observation.

The celtic cross :

Around 15-meter high, the celtic cross has became the emblem of Grosse-Ile. After few minutes of walking in the trail, you will discover this monument as you have seen it earlier on the boat toward the island. It honors the memory of the Irish immigrants victims of Typhus in 1847-1848.

The memorial :

Take a time to search for the name of your ancestors on the memorial. Inaugurated in 1998 in the presence of president of Ireland, it commemorates the memory of thousands of immigrants, mainly from Ireland, deceased on the island and the people who sacrificed their life to nurse them.

The Irish cemetery :

Next to the memorial, more than 6 000 people would be buried in the Irish cemetery. It takes its name from the main victims of the cholera epidemic in 1832 and 1834 and typhus epidemic in 1847, the Irish immigrants.

Hiking trails and belvedere :

Grosse-Ile offers many great hiking trails for a walk in nature and bird observation. Take the Mirador trail and enjoy a break on its belvedere, a beautiful panoramic viewpoint on the St. Lawrence River.

The Anglican chapel :

Built in 1877-1878 in the central part of the island, but outside the village, this neo-gothic anglican chapel looks back on the importance of the religious help among the numerous services offered to the immigrants.

The Catholic chapel :

Unlike the anglican chapel, the catholic chapel was part of the strategic center of Grosse-Ile. The outside of the chapel is almost the same since its construction in 1874.

The Lazaretto :

Former hospital, this building is the last of the refuges built on Grosse-Ile still standing today and the last witness of the hospitalization side of the island. The building keeps undamaged some details like the double casement and glass plaid windows and the ventilation grills. Today, there is inside an exhibit on the appearance of Irish immigrants.