Thematic tours

Thematic tours

Thematic tours are available between June 22 and September 2, 2019

In each of the thematic tours (1, 2, 3 and 4) you will visit the three sectors of the island to fully understand the operation of the quarantine station. You will discover the must-sees of Grosse-Île:

  • In the west sector: you will visit and learn more about the Celtic Cross, the Irish Cemetery, the Memorial and the disinfection building with the medical inspection.

  • In the center of the island: you will visit the village to learn about the Catholic chapel and see the new exhibition on the ambulance and the carter.

  • In the east sector (said the hospitals sector): you will visit and learn more about the Lazaretto, the oldest building on the island witnessed the tragedy of 1847 and you will also visit the new exhibition in the red room

Choose one of the four thematic tours offered based on your preferences and interests. On top of visiting the must-sees of Grosse Île, during the high season, you will choose one of the four following thematic tours:

Grosse-Île - L'Irlande en héritage

1. irish heritage

Duration : 4 hours
Perfect for : genealogy enthusiasts and visitors of Irish descent.

This tour explores the theme of Irish immigration and will allow you to learn about the history of Grosse Île and the quarantine station, as well as why this station was created and developed. During this tour, you will understand the extent of the terrible tragedy of 1847 that marked the island’s history and you will learn more about the physical, cultural and genetic legacy of Irish immigrants on the island.

Grosse-Île - Un million d'histoires

2. land of hope, land of dreams

Duration : 4 hours
Perfect for : young adults and families, for visitors keen to see costumed interpreters and have an emotional experience, and for school groups.

On this tour, you’ll learn more about immigration to Canada. The quarantine station on Grosse Île was a mandatory stopping point for immigrants coming into the country via the Port of Québec. Immigrants of nearly 40 different nationalities set foot in the station during its 105 years in operation. At the first-class hotel, you’ll meet immigrants Miss Brown or Mr. Igor, two first- and third-class travellers, who will share their stories and describe the conditions of their detention on the island and the reasons that led them to leave their homeland and dreams they had coming to Canada.

Grosse-Île - Des croyances à la science

3. From beliefs to science

Duration : 4 hours
Perfect for : history and science enthusiasts.

Learn more about scientific and medical developments at Grosse Île’s quarantine station. During this tour, you will find out how improvised medicine gave way to efficiency and modernity as new discoveries were made. You will meet with Dr. Frédérick Montizambert, the station’s superintendent, who will recount his achievements and the highlights of his career. You will also meet with Yvonne Beaudry, chief nurse in the Lazaretto, who will talk to you about the details of the treatments reserved for the isolated patients with smallpox.

Grosse-Île - La vie à Saint-Luc-de-Grosse-Île

4. liFe in saint-Luc-de-grosse-Île

Duration : 4 hours
Perfect for : families with children and visitors keen to see costumed interpreters and explore cultural history.

Immerse yourself in the daily lives of the villagers who shaped the station’s history. As well as learning about the quarantine station, you’ll meet various important people, who will take turns sharing their stories. Miss Rousseau will teach school, Rev. Paré will preach at the Catholic chapel and carter and ambulance driver Pit Masson will tell fascinating stories about his life on the island.