Themed tours

Themed tours

New for 2017

These activites will be offered from July 1st to September 4, 2017. 

This year, take advantage of our new themed tours to further enhance your experience. You have Irish roots? Do you wonder how the employees lived on the island? Are you a nature enthusiast? Choose from the following three options:

irish heritage

Duration: 120 minutes

When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Join a Parks Canada guide and follow the footprints left by the Irish during their passage. Visit Grosse Île’s iconic sites—the Celtic Cross, the Great Famine Cemetery, the Lazaretto. Dive into their history to better understand your own.

Grosse Île - Croix Celtique

Memories of Grosse Île

Duration: 120 minutes

When:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

July 15, 1920. The village of the quarantine station comes alive. The priest invites you to his daily tour. In the distance, the sound of the school bell announces the beginning of class. Learn about the villagers: their daily life, their fears and joys, and above all, how they lived on this island that long served as a new home for thousands of immigrants.

Natural landscape of Grosse Île

Duration: 120 minutes

When: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Ever since the immigrants left the island, nature has reclaimed its former place at Grosse Île. Located in the heart of the Isle-aux-Grues archipelago, its astonishing beauty takes root among marshes, rivers and mountains. Open your senses and spend a moment taking in the natural landscapes of Grosse Île.